SoundBody Productions

SoundBody Productions is a contemporary dance company creating raw, original and wholly artistic work for stage, screen and cite-specific locations. The focus is on the interrelation and co-dependence of movement and sound, implementing an integrative, abstract and interdisciplinary working method. Every idea is treated holistically and autonomously in order to create visually, acoustically and emotionally transformative content.

SoundBody Productions was brought to life through my ongoing in-depth research into the moving body with its resonating chambers (vocal sound and vibrational qualities). After dealing with the physical body in a very simultaneous and present way as a dancer, educator and researcher, I was drawn to create and produce work that deals with these integrative aspects of body and sound. 

A sound body is a free, healthy and expressive body. Hence, the focus is on creating dance that is resonant, invigorating and enlivening to the spirit. My mission is to generate conscious work that captures the core of the beholder in a deep, authentic and empowering way, highlighting the ephemerality of the human body with its uniquely sonorous, visceral and intangible elements. 

With each projects the further aim is to raise awareness of the resonating qualities of sound as well as movement through the art form of contemporary dance. The frequencies experienced should serve as a contribution to the expansion of human consciousness and thus wellbeing of all.